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Bonneygrove Primary School

Bonneygrove Primary School

The highest standards of learning and achievement for all

Meet Our Staff

In order to help our children to achieve the very best they can, we set ourselves high standards. We have a strong commitment to the continuous professional development of all our staff in order to make sure that our work is effective and up-to-date. We are constantly seeking to improve the quality of education we provide.

 The leadership team


Mrs Gorolini (DSP/Health & Safety)  

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Sharma (DDSP )

Assistant Headteacher Miss Whitworth (DDSP)
Inclusion Leader (INCO) Mrs England
EYFS Leader Mrs Cain
Key Stage 1 Leader Mrs Darrington
Key Stage 2 Leader Mrs Wood
SpLD Outreach Leaders Joe Williams and Sally Yates
Teaching and Learning Responsibilities Miss Sturrock (P.E), Mrs Marshall (Maths)
Maternity Mrs Barton


Curriculum Staffing Organisation

 Foundation Stage Team

  Teachers Support Staff

Mrs Staines

Miss Przybika

Mrs Wallace

Mrs Nobrega (NNEB)



Mrs Cain/Mrs Yates

Miss Smith

Mrs Taylor (NNEB)

Mrs Howe

Mrs Willmott

Mrs Nobrega

Mrs Styliandes

 Key stage 1 Team

  Teachers Support Staff
Year 1

Miss Tagliarini

Miss Gursoy


Mrs Fahim

Mrs Casali (HLTA)


Year 2

Mrs Darrington

Mr Cook

Mrs Purser

Mrs Harvey

Miss Mayin

 Key stage 2 team

  Teachers Support Staff
Year 3

Mrs Marshall

Mrs Georgiou/Miss Stocking

Mrs Lindsay

Mrs Phillips

Year 4

Mr Marshall

Mrs Wood / Mrs Paganuzzi

Mrs Bailey

Mrs Lampe


Year 5

Mrs Martin/Miss Caselton

Miss Whitworth

Mrs Aulsberry

Mrs Marsh

Year 6

Mrs Nipper

Miss Sturrock

Mr Toye

Mrs Atkinson

 Additional support staff

Lead Teaching Assistant / Cover Mrs Daniels (HLTA)
Absence Cover Miss Mayin
Spanish PPA & Nurture Lead Mrs Driver
ICT Technician Mrs Bevens

Although each teaching assistant is based in their class, they will be timetabled across the team they are working in to support a range of children.

Administration Team 

Mrs Moody (School Business Officer)

Mrs Grimes

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Morris (SpLD Outreach)

 site team

Mrs Jack (Site Manager)

Mr Bone (Assistant Site Manager)

 Midday Supervisory Team

Mrs Crowhurst (Supervisor)

Mrs Clerkin

Mrs Downey

Mrs Faux

Mrs McCarthy

Miss McNamara

Mrs C Swain

Mrs Harrison

Mrs Marshall

Mrs Root

 SpLD outreach Teachers

Mrs Yates

Mrs Williams

Miss Caselton

 Kool Kidz Team

Mrs McDermid (Manager)

Miss Ayling

Miss Peirce