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Bonneygrove Primary School

Bonneygrove Primary School

Broadening Horizons

Nursery New Starter Forms

Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4
 Name of Playgroup/SchoolDates attended


We MUST have at least two contacts in case of an emergency.
Please let us know of any changes in contact details as soon as possible. It is essential that the school can make contact with you quickly, if needed.
Please note in the case of parent separation, unless there is a Court Order, both parents should be detailed in order of priority.

Parent/Carer 1

Select one of the following*
Are you a member of the Armed Forces yes/no*

Parent/Carer 2

Select one of the following
Are you a member of the Armed Forces Yes/No

Parent/Carer 3

Select one of the following

Parent/Carer 4

Select one of the following
Mode of Travel

Please provide us with any other information you feel may be necessary to ensure your child’s happiness in school :

Outside Agencies

Does your child have a Statement of Special Education Needs*

Has your family or child had contact with any of the following:-

Child Family Guidance Education Psychologist*
Educational Welfare Officer*
Child Development Centre*
Speech Therapist*
Social Worker*


In order to minimise security risks at the end of the school day, it is essential that the school know who is authorised to collect your child from school. It is expected that all children in KS1 or younger will be collected from the classroom and not from the gate.
It is strongly recommended, in most circumstances, that older brothers and sisters in the school do not collect younger siblings.

 Name of AdultRelationship to Child
Select one of the following


Are your child’s immunisations all up to date

Pre School Booster*

Does your child suffer from any of the following conditions? (please tick all those relevant)

Select one of the following

Is your child taking regular prescribed medication at home (outside school hours)?

Select one of the following*


What are the symptoms:
What treatment is needed (if any):
Does your child have a special medical dietary requirement (as confirmed by a GP) :*
Does your child require a special menu for cultural or religious reasons :*
If applicable, please tick which applies :

If your child has a special medical dietary requirement (as confirmed by a GP) or requires a special menu for cultural or religious reasons, parents/carers must apply on the Herts Catering Limited (HCL) website ( before they will be able to have a meal in the school canteen.


We comply with the requirements of the Hertfordshire Schools Asthma Policy and request that you complete the enclosed questionnaire if your child suffers from asthma.

The information will be used by staff in school to provide appropriate care and support during school hours. If your child is diagnosed with asthma and require medication to be kept in school you will need to complete an Asthma Maintenance Plan.

Inhalers must be clearly labelled with your child’ name and date of birth, and remind you that it is the parents/carers responsibility to ensure that inhalers are in date and replaced as needed. If your child has an inhaler in school we MUST also have a spacer for this in school.

When was your child diagnosed with Asthma?
What triggers your child's Asthma (if known )
Is your child’s asthma (please tick as appropriate)
Does your child have disrupted sleep due to his/her asthma (please tick as appropriate)
How many times (if any) has your child attended Accident & Emergency with an acute asthma attack in the past year?
How often is your child seen by the hospital / GP/ Practice Nurse (please tick as appropriate)
Reliever (Name)
Preventer (Name)
Other (Name)
Can the GP be contacted for information when required?*

Children are not permitted to have/carry any medication in their bag during the school day.


A first language other than English should be recorded where a child was exposed to the language during early development and continues to be exposed to this language in the home or in the community.

If a child was exposed to more than one language (which may include English) during early development the language other than English should be recorded, irrespective of the child’s proficiency in English.

In the case of an older pupil who is no longer exposed to the first language in the home, and who now uses only another language, the pupil or parent can determine which language should be recorded.



Our ethnic background describes how we think of ourselves. This may be based on many things including, for example, our skin colour, language, culture, ancestry or family history. Ethnic background is not the same as nationality or country of birth.

The DfE recommends that those with parental responsibility decide the ethnic background for primary pupils. The Information Commissioner (formerly the Data Protection Register) recommends that young people aged over 11 years old have the opportunity to decide their own ethnic identity. Parents, or those with parental responsibility, are asked to support or advise those children aged over 11 in making this decision, wherever necessary. Pupils aged 13 or over can make this decision for themselves.

Please study the list below and tick one box only to indicate the ethnic background of the child.

Section A -White
Section B-Mixed
Section C — Asian or Asian British
Section D- Black or Black British
Section E-Chinese
Section F-Any Other Ethnic Group
I do not wish an Ethnic background to be recorded



Any information you provide will be used solely to compile statistics on the school careers and experiences of pupils from different ethnic backgrounds, to help ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. These statistics will not allow individual pupils to be identified. From time to time the information will be passed on to the Local Authority and the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) to contribute to local and national statistics. The information will also be passed on to future schools to save it having to be asked for again.


The School currently uses an outside provider to send emails/texts to families. In order to use WisePay® we need to collect parent/carer email addresses and mobile telephone numbers. Please be assured the Wisepay service is registered with the Data Protection Register and guarantees that all information supplied will be kept completely private. There is also NO advertising associated with the scheme.

This system is used by over 2,500 school across the UK to communicate with parents via email and text message. Benefits of using an electronic communication system are:
• Messages will get to you reliably.
• We can send messages directly to both parents/carers at the same time.
• Parents/carers will quickly know about important or urgent messages.
• We can tell you more about what’s going on at the school.
• Make payments for trips, dinner money, clubs, Kool Kids, swimming etc.

WisePay is also a secure, fast and easy online payment system for parents/carers to make payment using their debit or credit card. Cash/cheques are not accepted as a payment method. Access to Wisepay is through the School website.

Please be assured that WisePay is registered with the Data Protection Register and guarantees that all information you provide will be kept private and will not be passed on to any other organisation.

Important – When we start using WisePay, email messages will be sent from Please add this address to your email address books (or approved sender list) to prevent messages from being blocked by your SPAM/JUNK filters.

If for any reason, you would prefer paper copies of communications e.g. newsletters, letters etc. then please contact the school office.

 Parent/Carer 1 DetailsParent/Carer 2 Details
First Name
Email Address
Mobile Number
Relationship to Child

Please refer to Wisepays Privacy Policy.


Completion of this form will help us to provide the best education and support for your child by making sure that if your child is eligible for the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) that we receive this funding. Please note that completion of this section is voluntary. However, if you do not complete this form we will not be able to identify whether your child is eligible for the EYPP and we may not receive additional funding to support your child.

 Parent/Carer 1Parent/Carer 2
Full Name
Date of Birth
National Insurance No.
or National Asylum Support Service (NASS) No.
I am (or my partner) is in receipt of the following benefits:*

Any personal data collected will be treated as confidential under the principles of The General Data Protection Regulations.
Hertfordshire County Council will use the information submitted to assess your eligibility for education benefits. They will not use the data for any other purpose, nor will they share your data with any third parties other than the Department for Education if you are applying for Free School Meals.

The information I have given on this form is complete and accurate. I understand that my personal information is held securely and will be used only for local authority purposes.
I agree to the local authority using this information to enable my child’s school to claim the Pupil Premium for my child.


Increasingly, schools are using photographic and video images of children to enhance learning and life within the school. This is important in taking a creative approach to teaching and learning and in making lessons and activities as enjoyable as possible for children.

Members of staff may use photographs/videos in presentations, in subsequent lessons or to celebrate successes through their publication in Newsletters, school events, curriculum work, display purposes, productions, trips, local newspapers and sporting events. Photographs/ videos may also be used on the School Website and School Prospectus.

The Bonneygrove E-Safety Policy is available to view on the school website.

We would like to request blanket consent for the use of your child’s image. This form is valid for the period of time that your child attends Bonneygrove.


ICT including the internet, email, laptops, digital cameras etc. has become an important part of learning in our school. We expect all children to be safe and responsible when using any ICT.

Please discuss these Esafety rules with your child. If you have any concerns or would like some explanation please contact the ICT Subject Leader or the Headteacher.

I will only use ICT in school for school purposes.

I will only use my class email address or my own school email address.

I will make sure that all ICT contacts with other children and adults are responsible

I will not deliberately look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant or nasty. If I accidentally find anything like this I will turn off my monitor and tell my teacher immediately.

I will not send to children or adults anything that could be considered unpleasant or nasty.

I will not give out my details such as my name, phone number or home address. I will not arrange to meet someone unless this is part of a school project approved by my teacher and a responsible adult comes with me.

I will be responsible for my behaviour when using ICT because I know that these rules are to keep me safe.

I know that my use of ICT can be checked and that my parent/carer contacted if a member of school staff is concerned about my Esafety.


Have a medical condition requiring medical treatment or medication?
Have an allergy to certain medications?
Is s/he able to adminitster her/his own medication?
Has s/he received a tetanus injection in the last 5 years
 Main ContactAlternative
Mobile no.
Other contact no.
Name of Practice / Surgery
Telephone Numbers
Childs NHS number


I understand that my child may leave the school premises for local, curriculum-related, regular or routine visits, as may be detailed in the school’s prospectus, or for sports fixtures when representing the establishment as part of a team, and hereby give my consent for my child to participate in such events.
I also understand that my child may leave the school premises at other times when I will be informed separately by letter and when further consent may be required from me.

• can participate in the visit and activities described;
• can be transported in the private vehicles of staff/volunteers supervising the visit;
• is in good health and fit to participate in the activities described;
• can receive medical treatment as necessary
I undertake to inform the school as soon as possible of any change in medical circumstances.

I acknowledge the need for the person named above to behave responsibly and agree to the establishment’s procedures in this respect.

I am satisfied that all reasonable care will be taken for the safety and well-being of all participants and that appropriate staffing and safety measures will be in place at all times.


The aim of this section is to let new parents/carers know of the expectations of the
school and give you helpful information about school routines. We will be happy to discuss any issues
arising from this list with you.

Put on and do up their shoes?
Put on and do up their coat?
Go to the toilet unaided?
Dress him/herself, including tights or trousers?
Recognise their name in writing?
Who is picking them up at the end of the day?
When and whether the need for medication for conditions like asthma or serious food allergies should be given?
Wher to find their name in their school clothes and plimsolls
Would you be able to provide your child with wellington boots that can be left in school
(Asthma sufferers only) Have you obtained and labelled a spare inhaler that can be left for your child at school?
Would you be prepared to provide spare underwear for your child?
Can your child identify all their clothes and belingings easily and indendently?