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Bonneygrove Primary School

Bonneygrove Primary School

Broadening Horizons

Bonneygrove Perform at Wembley!

Dance Delight at Wembley

On Saturday 16th of April 2016, Bonneygrove Primary School took part in a dance at Wembley Arena during half time of the rugby match between Saracens and Harlequins.  It was a wonderful experience to perform in front of the Wembley crowd.
When it was time for us to go down and perform, each of us went to practise before we ran on the pitch.
When the time came, we were all nervous, but excited. We all got into our lines to run out of the tunnels. 
All of us were dancing to a live band called The Foxes.  The routine was fun and energetic with a variety of cheer leaders and street dance moves.  Everyone was gazing into the crowds looking for their loved ones. 
When the dance was over, we ran back it the tunnels to be taken to our parents in groups depending on where we were sitting.
Overall, this experience was extraordinary that Bonneygrove cheerleaders and street dancers will never forget!
By Jasmine O’Shea, Chloe Flunder and Tiffany Phillips