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Bonneygrove Primary School

Bonneygrove Primary School

Broadening Horizons

Bonneygrove turns 60!

60 Years of the past and a legacy for the future

Bonneygrove was 60 years old on Friday 14th September 2018, Bonneygrove Primary School celebrated their 60th Anniversary. This event was joined by hundreds of families and friends and children had a great time singing songs such as, This Is Me, Count On Me, Reach For The Stars,Give It All You’ve Got and All Fall Down. Madam Mayor joined this phenomenal party with an amazing speech and also cut the cake. Children’s work was displayed in gargantuan, white gazebos. Each year group had a decade that they created work based on. The decades went up in every year, starting with Year 6 with the decade 1950 all the way up to Year 1 with the year 2000. This fantastic celebration ended at approximately 5pm and Bonneygrove is now 60 Years Old.

Written by George Styles & Guluzar Guven Year 6


Big thanks!!

Bonneygrove would also like to give thanks to the following parents:

Mr Pierce- from 'Safety Events Advisors' for the set up of the stage, marquees, and display boards.

Mr D'Amato for providing the fantastic selection of music

Mrs Procopiou for the wonderful birthday cake  

Mrs Suleyman for all the balloons.