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Before & After School Club

KOOL KIDZ Out of School Club Parent Information

Kool kidz out of School Club is managed by Bonneygrove Primary School and is an additional service to provide quality childcare for children from Bonneygrove School. 

Bonneygrove Primary School mission is “Broadening Horizons ” which includes the Out of School Club.

To ensure that staff, parents and children can work together to achieve this we encourage signing an agreement between all three parties.

Opening Times & fee structure  
Breakfast Club:   7.30am – 8.40am
After School Club:   3.15pm – 6.00pm
Breakfast Club    £3.75 including breakfast

Breakfast will be served from 7.30 am to 8.15am, (PLEASE NOTE  BREAKFAST WILL NOT BE SERVED AFTER 8.15AM DUE TO THE KITCHEN  STAFF ARRIVING)   

Drinks will be available at all times

After School Club  
3.15pm – 4.15pm    £  5.00
3.15pm – 5.15pm    £  8.00
3.15pm – 6.00pm     £12.00      

Sibling discount available £1.00 per session

All children will be provided with a drink during their time at the After School Club.

A light bite tea will have an additional charge of £1.00 unless the child is staying after 5.15pm and this will then be included in the above charge.

(Please see details below)

Due dates:    

All fees are due as stated on your yearly invoice. The options available are: weekly, monthly or half termly payments.

Please discuss your individual requirements with the Manager or school office.

The Club closes at 6pm prompt, a late fee of £5.00 per 5 minutes will be payable should this occur,(this lateness fee applies to any session you choose to use for your child/children).

Please advise a member of staff as soon as possible if you are going to be late this will enable our staff to prepare your child and also organise their own late arrival home.  Anyone who regularly uses or abuses this will need to speak to the Manager and a discussion will take place regarding alternative arrangements. 

Where a phone call has not been received the uncollected child procedure will take effect from 6.15pm.

Please ensure that the emergency details you provide us with are of family/friends that can be located within the time required to collect your child.


Please advise us at the earliest opportunity if your child will not be attending the Club.

All fees are due irrelevant of absence, should long term sickness occur please discuss this with the Manager at the earliest opportunity.  A retainer fee may then be payable to keep your child’s place.

Notice period 


Notice on both sides for termination of contract is half a term and should be made in writing (except where terms and conditions have been broken. This could result in termination of contract immediately).


The club will close during all none pupil days.  These will be advertised a term in advance where possible.

The club may close due to un- predicted weather during the winter months. The club will contact parents accordingly to notify them of closure. Parents will not be charged if the club makes the decision to close.

Snacks & meals - special dietary requirements will be considered

A light bite menu will be available weekly and this activity will take place from 4.45pm – 5.15pm.  (Please see above for charges).

The children will take an active part in learning new life skills and the staff will be encouraging the children to be independent. 

Food will be prepared taking into consideration health and hygiene. Please note that the menu could be subject to change.


Arrival/departure to and from the club must always be done on foot. Under no circumstances must any parent drive up/down the driveway without the Club Manager's permission in the mornings or before 5.00 pm.

If you are registered disabled, please notify the Club Manager who will grant you permission to use the driveway. If you are immobile for any reason over a period of time, a doctor's note may be required to allow access arrangements to be made. Please speak to the Club Manager where any problems arise.

Blue badge holders must contact the school office to arrange for the relevant documents to be photocopied. This will enable you to park within the school premises with verbal consent of the schools Business Manager.   

Failure to comply with this policy could lead to termination of your child/children's place.

Collection of children 

Children can only be picked up by the parent/carer or the emergency contacts named on the child’s information form.  Any other person will have to be made known to the Manager with an additional consent form completed and a recent photograph.  Please allow reasonable time to make these arrangements.  The person collecting the child must be known to the child and have written consent from the parent/carer. Please be aware that the club staff reserve the right to use their professional judgment in safeguarding the children at all times.

If your child is taking part in any other after school activity or attending a school trip on their appointed club day the club staff will need written or verbal consent from the parent or carer. Failing to comply with this request could lead to termination of your child/childrens' place.

Children should be collected at the agreed time as per your contract with the Club.  If you know you are going to be late please advise a member of staff as soon as possible.  This will enable the staff to discuss this with your child.  Late fees will be payable in 5 minute blocks.  For example for every 5 minutes you are late this will incur a £5.00 overtime fee.  Late fees will be shown on your invoice.

Emergency contacts 

A minimum of two emergency contacts must be provided.  These named contacts will be contacted only if the parent/carer is unavailable. Please be aware that we require the emergency contact to be within a reasonable distance to collect the child.

Parents/carers cannot use their own details for emergency contact; two named contacts must be supplied.

Emergency contacts must be available to collect your child/children when the parent/carer is not available or contactable.        

Medical information 

Please provide any current medical information to allow us to care for your child in the appropriate way.  It is the parent’s responsibility to let the club know of any changes in circumstances regarding their child’s health and medication.

No medication can be given to a child unless a prior appointment has been made with the Head Teacher and an agreed protocol has been written and signed by all parties, club staff, head teacher and chair of governors.

Accidents and incidents will be recorded and parents will be asked to sign that they have been made aware of the circumstances and the action taken. 

Complaints procedure 

It is hoped that parents/carers will not have to complain about any aspect of the service we provide however should the need arise parents will be asked to discuss concerns informally with the Manager. If you feel that your problems have not been solved please formally contact the Head Teacher.  Finally, if you still have concerns the Head Teacher will inform you of the next steps which are set out in our complaints policy.

All policies are available on request.