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Beyond the Curriculum

At Bonneygrove, our curriculum runs parallel and complements the National Curriculum and the opportunities offered at school aim to provide our children with unique experiences outside the National Curriculum.  We broaden horizons by developing global learners.  This underpins all of our principles; our children are aware of the wider world and how it works, understand cultural diversity and differences, and we encourage participation in both local and global issues.  We aim that our children take responsibility for their actions and challenge stereotypes. 

We enrich the curriculum through debates, philosophy, public speaking and a development of a growth mindset approach, providing a valuable skillset that children can use in the next stage of their lives. Further experiences include opportunities to attend workshops, participate in sporting events and a range of clubs, educational visits, and events within our community; all contributing to developing strong and lasting memories. Our school immerses children in art, dance, theatre, gallery visits, visits to historic sites and introduces them to science, literature and the arts.

Our curriculum ensures that every child, from any socio-economic background, has the same opportunity to reach their full potential.  This can be seen in an accumulation of knowledge, attitudes, habits, language and possession that enables all individuals to be ready for their next stage of education and to contribute to society.