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Bonneygrove Team

In order to help our children achieve the very best they can, we set ourselves high standards. We have a strong commitment to the continuous professional development of all our staff in order to make sure our work is effective and up-to-date. We are constantly seeking to improve the quality of education we provide.

Please meet our team below:

Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mr Craig Hamilton

    University of Hertfordshire and Institute of Education

Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum Leader and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

  • Ms Jocelyn Hurry

Senior Leadership

  • Hayley Stevens

    Assistant Headteacher Inclusion and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

  • Nicole Moody

    School Business Manager

Year Group Leaders

  • Debbie Photi

    Nursery Leader and Co Phase Leader EYFS and PSHE Leader

  • Rosie McDermott

    Reception Class Teacher and Co Phase Leader EYFS and Modern Foreign Languages Leader

  • Caitlin Wynne

    Year Two Class Teacher and Geography Leader

  • Lauren Arnett

    Year Three Class Teacher and Mathematics Leader

  • Maria Difrancesco

    Year Four Class Teacher and Art Leader

  • Russell Cook

    Year Five Class Teacher and PE Leader

  • Emine Gursoy

    English Leader

EYFS and Key Stage One Class Teachers

  • Melike Korbay

    Reception Class Teacher

  • Abigail Morris

    Year One Class Teacher

  • Melisa Bekem

    Year Two Class Teacher and Music Leader

Lower Key Stage Two Teachers

  • Aisha Beschizza

    Year Three Class Teacher

  • Rebekah McNamara

    Year Three Class Teacher (Trainee)

  • Caysea Kingham

    Year Four Class Teacher

  • Emma Tilley

    Year Four Class Teacher (Trainee)

Upper Key Stage Two Teachers

  • Janette Darrington

    Year Five Class Teacher, ECT Mentor and Reading Leader

  • Oliver Waller

    Year Five Class Teacher and Science Leader

  • Mariam Fahim

    Year Five Class Teacher (Trainee)

  • Kim Wylie

    Year Six Class Teacher and History Leader

Support Teachers

  • Sally Yates

    Class Teacher

  • Kirsty Peffers

    Class Teacher and Design Technology Leader

  • Leah Caselton

    Class Teacher

Administration Team

  • Jill Smyth

    Senior Administrator

  • Tracey Horncastle

    Administrative Assistant

  • Pippa Brown

    Administrative Assistant

Parent Support Advisor and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Kate Daniels

    Parent Support Advisor

Site Manager

  • Mr David Lambert

    Site Manager


  • Susan Heighington

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Nursery Support

  • Angel Kowalska

    Nursery Assistant

Teaching Assistants

  • Marie Ertugrul

    Teaching Assistant

  • Catherine Nobrega

    Teaching Assistant

  • Julie Kipkebut

    Teaching Assistant

  • Alison Lindsay

    Teaching Assistant

  • Emma Grant

    Teaching Assistant

  • Joy Willmott

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mandy Hollis

    Teaching Assistant

  • Tina Purser

    Pastoral Support and Nurture

  • Gloria Howe

    Teaching Assistant

  • Emma Orton

    Teaching Assistant

  • Kim Jordan

    Teaching Assistant One-to-One Year Six

  • Jenny Skilton

    Teaching Assistant One-to-One Year Six

  • Ellie Spencer

    Teaching Assistant One-to-One

  • Elena Demetriou

    Teaching Assistant One-to-One

'Kool Kidz' Team

  • Martha McDermid


  • Sally Ayling

    Assistant Manager

  • Angela Peirce


School Kitchen Staff

  • Anna Rodia

    School Cook

  • Sarah Watts

    Kitchen Assistant

  • Hajrie Gega

    Kitchen Assistant

Midday Support Team

  • Linda Faux

    Midday Supervisory Assistant

  • Donna Sharp

    Midday Supervisory Assistant

  • Cathy Swain

    Midday Supervisory Assistant

  • Eleanor Panayiotou

    Midday Supervisory Assistant

  • Wendy McCarthy

    Midday Supervisory Assistant

  • Sharon Root

    Midday Supervisory Assistant

  • Tracy Clerkin

    Midday Supervisory Assistant