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Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact


Our Broadening Horizons curriculum promotes high expectations and has been developed and made specific to the learners at Bonneygrove.  The subject areas covered are contextualised to ensure children receive a broad and balanced curriculum that includes many opportunities to develop cultural capital through experiential learning, workshops, educational visits, links with our communities and opportunities to develop life-long skills – developing strong and lasting memories.

Our approach to teaching and learning is systematic and structured to ensure the delivery of the curriculum meets the National Standards, and goes beyond ensuring our children receive challenge and enrichment at every stage equipping them for the next stage of their education.  “Beyond” includes our unique Golden Threads that weave through all subjects enriching learning through debates, philosophy, public speaking, growth mindset and much more.

Our curriculum ensures basic skills are a priority from the outset including oracy, mathematics and, reading fluency, writing and phonics.

We are gifted with an amazing outdoor environment and this is integral to our curriculum so that pupils are active, thus promoting physical development and progressing their responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

The curriculum at Bonneygrove equips pupils with a positive attitude towards their learning through empowering them to have high aspirations and set challenging goals for themselves.  Our curriculum fosters independence, creativity, resilience, curiosity, determination, collaboration and the ability to make connections to prior learning to ensuring firm foundations for the learning ahead.

Our teachers are proactive and reflective practitioners who have the highest expectations, who use assessment for learning to evaluate start points and how best to challenge all learners.

'Our curriculum will ensure our children complete fifty amazing things before leaving our school'


Implementation describes the way Bonneygrove delivers the intent each day.  To do this we have carefully designed a knowledge engaged curriculum.  The curriculum is designed to enable the learners to acquire subject knowledge, underpinning the application of skills in every subject. The skills are carefully mapped across each key stage and subject area.  The knowledge gained is consolidated and built upon to ensure behavioural change to long term memory to support retention and recall.

This means that by the time children leave Bonneygrove they have learnt and are able to recall and apply key information important for them to be successful in the future.

Enquiry drivers

The knowledge through enquiry drivers consists of key questions that children are unable to answer at the beginning of a topic that they can by the end (KWL grids). Teaching provides the children with the knowledge and skills to provide or demonstrate a response to the enquiry driver, and we call this the finical outcome.  Our curriculum provides for deeper understanding and prepares our children for subject specific learning in secondary school.

How do we plan for the knowledge engaged curriculum?

Subject leaders are integral to the planning process and understand the progression pathway their subject takes. The progression of knowledge and skills is carefully mapped across all key stages to ensure challenge, expectations and growth. 

Planning is led by the enquiry drivers (What I want to know), established at the start of the topic which is reviewed as the final outcome (What I have learnt). 

How do we plan for cultural capital?

At Bonneygrove cultural capital is planned to ensure children are given every opportunity to experience success and the best possible start to their early education. Here at Bonneygrove cultural capital is seen as the accumulation of knowledge attitudes, habits, language and possession that enables individuals to demonstrate their cultural competence and social status. Our school immerses children in art, dance, theatre, galleries, historic sites and introducing them to science, literature and art.

In order to ensure that we close gaps at Bonneygrove between different socio-economic backgrounds, we ensure each has the same opportunity to reach their full potential 

Embedding curriculum

Our Broadening Horizons curriculum runs parallel and complements the National Curriculum and directly links to our Golden Threads.  The opportunities offered at Bonneygrove aims to provide our children with unique experiences outside the National Curriculum.  We broaden horizons by developing global learners.  This underpins all of our principles by planning for opportunities by being aware of the wider world and its impact, understanding cultural diversity and differences having an overview of the world and how it works and encourages participation in both local and global issues.  Teaching the children to make the world a more sustainable place and to take responsibility for their actions and challenging stereotypes. 


When children are ready to move to their next level of education they leave with a secure understanding of the academic content, understanding how to be morally, spiritually and culturally responsible and aware, making positive contributions to the local community and being the best they can be.

We aim for our children to leave Bonneygrove respectful, skilful and ambitious with a thirst for learning and all it has to offer, so that throughout their lives they strive for success.


Nursery Make New Friends Bake a cake Paint with your fingers Try a new food Meet a dinosaur Have your face painted
Reception Get Changed for PE Hold an animal Perform a nativity Have a teddy bears' picnic Meet a dinosaur Write your name in glitter
Year 1 Play Dominoes Design a raincoat for a teddy bear Read a story under a tree Taste exotic fruits Meet a dinosaur Touch a sea creature
Year 2 Make a paper aeroplane Listen to live African drumming Visit a real castle Play a board game Meet a dinosaur Visit the library 
Year 3 Visit a church Experience life as a caveman Learn circus skills Learn to write your name in hieroglyphs Meet a dinosaur Dress up as an Egyptian
Year 4 Take swimming lessons Navigate using a map Dress up as a Roman Grow a plant Meet a dinosaur Eat something you grew
Year 5 Write to a pen pal Visit a gallery Open a pop-up soup café Dress up as an ancient Greek Meet a dinosaur Make a space rocket
Year 6 Dress up as a Mayan Experience a night in The Blitz Learn to sew Learn emergency first aid Meet a dinosaur Make your own chocolate
  Experience a Victorian Christmas
Show the Headteacher to pieces of good work