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Maths at Bonneygrove

At Bonneygrove, we want all of our children to become lifelong learners and to develop a curiosity about the world around them. Mathematics introduces children to concepts, skills and thinking strategies that are essential in everyday life and supports learning across the whole curriculum. With this in mind, our Mathematics curriculum has been designed with the ambitious goal of all pupils achieving mastery; developing a love of the subject, developing the ability to connect areas of learning and solve problems across our Horizons Curriculum. They have access to a large variety of concrete and pictorial representations, which are carefully chosen to help build procedural and conceptual knowledge. When they are ready children move on to more abstract ideas and recording. 

Our mastery approach to Mathematics allows children to acquire and demonstrate a confident grasp of the mathematics relevant to their year group, so that their learning is sustainable over time and can be built upon in subsequent years. This requires them to acquire a of depth of understanding through looking at concepts in detail using a large variety of representations and contexts and committing key facts, such as number bonds and times tables, to memory. By the time, our children leave in Year 6 we want them to have secured a deep, rather than superficial, conceptual understanding across the whole mathematics curriculum. 

Our curriculum makes it relevant to our children’s lives by teaching through real experiences and showing them outcomes that are relevant and meaningful to them.  By enriching their learning experiences using our Golden Threads (debates, outdoor learning and problem solving), we make learning fun and engaging. Some examples include children making multiplication and division arrays using sticks in the forest to help them solve unknown facts., investigating and identifying different angles in nature, understanding scale by creating a shape and then creating it double the size.