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Medical care

At Bonneygrove we do anything that we can to support children and their parents with medical conditions, enabling them to continue their education with minimal disruption. All staff take their duty of care to our children very seriously and regularly receive: first aid training, asthma training, anaphylaxis shock training, epilepsy awareness and managing diabetes training.  

Parents must inform the school of any medical concerns, particularly allergies, epilepsy and any other diagnosed conditions. A member of staff is only allowed to administer medicine prescribed to a particular child. Parents will need to meet with the Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher to write and sign a medical protocol so that we can administer this medication. The administration of any medicine is carefully logged. Staff will supervise children who must use an inhaler for asthma.

A member of staff will inform you if your child has an injury or illness during the school day, which in their opinion, you should be aware of. In the event of a serious accident, every effort will be made to contact the child’s parent/guardian, but if this is not possible, the child will be taken to hospital for treatment and the parent/guardian contacted as soon as possible.

As a school we do have a duty to report concerns about the wellbeing of children to other agencies. On some occasions this may be done before referring the matter to a child’s parents or guardians.

During admission procedures, parents/ guardians will be asked to provide two emergency contact telephone numbers. If, for any reason, either of these change, it is parents responsibility to inform the school immediately.