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Our Golden Threads

During their time at Bonneygrove Primary School, children become part of a rich tapestry of learning that encompasses much more than just the National Curriculum.  They are offered experiences that will form long and lasting memories.  Our ‘Golden Threads’ are woven throughout our ‘Horizons Curriculum’ to ensure our children have every opportunity to experience a broad and balanced curriculum filled with exciting activities that enthuse and harness previous learning, where children make links and deepen their understanding of various concepts, knowledge and skills.

Our Golden Threads include:

  • The World Through Our Window-Outdoor Learning
  • The Big Question-Philosophy for Children (P4C)
  • A Moment Of Calm-Mindfulness
  • Mighty Oaks-Growth Mindset
  • To Be Or Not To Be?-Ethics
  • Fair Play-Sportsmanship

Each half-term one of these threads is highlighted and focussed upon, but all six threads are interwoven and of equal importance throughout the year.