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Bonneygrove Primary School

Bonneygrove Primary School

Broadening Horizons

Our School

Bonneygrove County Primary School opened on 11th September 1958 and now consists of three buildings set in extensive grounds. Within the grounds there is: a woodland area along with a school garden and pond; this promotes a healthy attitude to nature which we, as a community, value. We use part of our school grounds to house chickens, and the children are then taught how to care for them; this ensures outside learning.

As well as teaching the importance of nature, we also ensure that children engage in team work and exercise. We also have a trim trail area, two playing fields and two playgrounds which really help our children to explore a range of sporting activities and have fun!

We are proud of our positive learning environment and interactive displays; we ensure children feel inspired by surroundings that are both enriching and conducive to learning. Our classrooms are well equipped with modern technology, such as interactive whiteboards, computers, laptops and iPads. For the Early Years Foundation Stage we have a range of controllable toys – these help develop early skills involving technology and therefore inspire wider learning.

Bonneygrove school is a mixed ability community school with approximately 420 pupils on roll between the ages of 3 and 11. We have 60 places available for nursery pupils (up to 30 in each session) and the nursery is run by a teacher, a nursery nurse and up to two teaching assistants, depending on numbers.

Our highly committed staff enjoy excellent support from a dedicated governing body and the school prides itself on offering the best educational and personal development for every child. Everyone is encouraged to reach their potential, and feel valued for their contribution.  Support staff play an increasingly important role in the success of any school and this is particularly so at Bonneygrove. Our administration office is the busy hub of the school.

Our local ‘cluster’ of schools comprises of a number of primary schools and one secondary. We enjoy close relationships with our neighbouring schools, and we hope that the links we have forged with these establishments will be further strengthened as time goes on.