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Our School

Our children; our aims and aspirations

Our children build strong and lasting memories whilst at Bonneygrove. We seek to introduce them to new, interesting and thought-provoking experiences in a safe and happy environment. This includes music, where opera and pop music sit happily alongside each other, visits that allow children to experience  unique and different places, and rich, challenging experiences that they may not otherwise have.

Lifelong learning skills are developed along the way. We aspire to our children being curious, independent and able to make informed decisions expressing their opinions and ideas whilst appreciating that they may not be the same as others. Kindness is extremely important to us; we encourage children to be kind to themselves and to others. Mental well-being is one of our school priorities.

We have an amazing outdoor environment for our children; huge fields, open and spacious classrooms, woods, a pond and gardening area. The open space that surrounds the buildings that house our Nursery, Reception and KS1 and the KS2 buildings is stunning all year round. Our curriculum reflects this and we are committed to providing opportunities for outdoor learning, sports and Forest schools practice. We recognise that being part of nature is good for both physical and mental well-being. We see ourselves as part of a local and global community making ecology and well-being central to our ethos.

Creating strong and lasting memories is not just about learning and academic achievement - it goes beyond that to socialisation, self-esteem and a sense of knowing and believing in ourselves, of being responsible and caring, and of celebrating being part of the wonderful community in which we live.

To be safe, to be kind and to be brilliant.