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RE at Bonneygrove

 Bonneygrove Primary School is an established community school serving the diverse area of Cheshunt. In view of this diversity, it is expected that through our broad and balanced teaching of RE, children will foster a tolerance and understanding of those with different faith and beliefs to those of their own.

The children at Bonneygrove are exposed to many different faiths through educational visits and artefacts, and we also draw on the knowledge and experiences of our parents who come and talk to the children about their faith and customs. We also benefit and draw upon our links with the local church. Our approach to the teaching and learning of RE is systematic and structured and is based on the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for RE.

As a school, we strive to ensure that our children receive challenge and enrichment at every stage to equip them for the next stage of their education. Through our unique Golden Threads, we aim to enrich their learning through debate, philosophy, public speaking and a growth mind set.

The RE curriculum at Bonneygrove Primary School supports pupils in their own personal development while forming an understanding of the spiritual, moral and cultural questions that surface throughout their lives. It gives a valuable insight into the diverse beliefs and opinions held by people today and helps develop the skill of reflection and critical thinking, which enhances their understanding of the belief and views of others. Our curriculum fosters independence, creativity, resilience, curiosity, determination, collaboration and the ability to connect prior learning to ensure firm foundations for the learning ahead

The three religions most favourably viewed by Canadians are Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, while Islam is more often viewed skeptically, though increasingly less so. Image: Shutterstock