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School Lunch Menu from HCL Catering


HCL is your child’s school lunch provider and we take pride in the meals we serve. Our school meals are packed with great and tasty ingredients to help your child really enjoy lunchtimes at their new school.

Eating the right balance of healthy, tasty food helps all children to learn and develop. That’s why making the right decision about what your child eats at school is so important, and at HCL we are here to assist!

Choosing a school meal will give your child the chance to try new foods and to enjoy eating with their new friends, whilst tucking into delicious meals packed full of the energy and essential nutrients they need to grow and learn.

This website Education Catering and Corporate Client Catering - Hertfordshire Catering Services | Hertfordshire Catering Services ( allows you to search for your child’s school menu. Type the name of your child’s school in the search box below, which will take you to a separate page showing the meals available at your child’s school. The carbohydrate count for each dish is also provided. Information about our carefully sourced, quality ingredients can be found by searching for your child's school menu and clicking the "ingredients and nutrition" button at the top of the screen.

Our daily menus offer a choice of food for all pupils so there’s always something to tempt even the most sensitive taste palate!

Meal charges from 1st April 2023 are :

£3.15 per day

£15.75 per week

Colour choices per day are :

First Option - Red

Second Option - Green

Third Option - Blue

Fourth Option - Yellow