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School Parliament and Play Leaders

Bonneygrove Primary School - Our School Parliament 

Our Aim

To build upon and develop pupil leadership to ensure children have an increased impact on teaching and learning as well as the wider aspects of our school.

The Election Process

Children who would like to be involved in the school Parliament write and deliver their speech detailing why they should be elected as a member of the 'School Parliament'. As a school we have a democratic vote and those with the most votes are elected. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Take on leadership within their role and ensure 'Pupil Voice' is heard and taken into account
  • Actively represent our school and take responsibility for guiding change
  • Represent the pupils of the school and listen to concerns and suggestions
  • Support teachers by giving them feedback about what pupils enjoy about lessons and how they can be improved 
  • Take an active role in shaping the school now and for the future 
  • Be a Bonneygrove Primary School advocate
  • Work in partnership with Senior Leaders, Teachers, Midday Supervisors and Play leaders and the wider school community

Members of Bonneygrove School Parliament

Year Two: Youssef and Josh
Year Three: Rayan and Devlin
Year Four: Elsie and Dion 
Yera Five: Tyrese and Ronnie 
Year Six: Simdi and Mason 


Senior Leader Member: Mr Christopher Bond (Assistant Headteacher)

What the school Parliament have achieved to date: 

  • New Playground Equipment 


Our Play Leaders across the school provide a valuable service to their peers. The children support each other and ensure our children have a person who will listen and support them every day. 

Our amazing Play Leaders are currently in Year Five. 



Year Five 




Year Five