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Bonneygrove Primary School

Bonneygrove Primary School

Broadening Horizons

Year 3

Mrs Parker
Mrs Phillips
Miss Gursoy

Mrs Lindsay

Welcome to Year 3

During Year 3 pupils will compliment their literacy and maths learning with studies of the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and the world around us.
We have planned a cross curricular approach that has carried over into literacy, the classes have shown great excitement and enthusiasm when it comes to uncovering Tutankhamen.
 We have begun reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory and have shown a great eagerness for comparing the differences between the  book and the film.
We have started to look at the different methods of mental addition and subtraction, and have begun using the column method for addition and subtraction.In the upcoming future, we will be busy learning how to multiply and divide numbers,as well as how this relates to fractions.The classes also enjoy problem solving in maths, by using concrete resources to help with the trickier mathematics.
During science we have learned about the human body. We enjoy carrying out investigations to help us understand more about their properties.